9650 miles to go, but…

9650 miles to go, but…

take one day at a time. If there’s anything we’ve learned so far, it has to be this. Oh, and how to change tires really fast. Yes, we’ve blown a tire twice already within the first 4 days.

Hard at work fixing tires.

Hard at work fixing tires.

But its been quite an adventurous ride so far. We’ve had amazing hosts who stopped at nothing to get us equipped to get on the road again. Cozy beds, delicious food and warm showers – everything we needed and a lot more. Thanks to the Williams, the Macks, ReAnn Arcand, Jason Mack, the Opheims and the Berreths!

With the Berreths!

With the Berreths in Pollock, SD!

With the Opheims in Selby, SD!

With the Opheims in Selby, SD!

With Jason Mack at Aberdeen, SD!

With Jason Mack in Aberdeen, SD!

With ReAnn Arcand at Aberdeen, SD!

With ReAnn Arcand in Aberdeen, SD!

With the Williams in Watetown, SD

The Macks, Redfield, SD

The Macks, Redfield, SD


Hard, harder, hardest.

Waking up at 7am on a daily basis over summer break is hard. Biking 70 miles in South Dakota weather everyday is harder. But getting people excited about our purpose is, by far, the hardest. It is difficult because we have to stay excited and positive about our purpose amidst the fatigue and the exhaustion. But we also want to make sure we are having fun in the process. It’s been a working progress, but we’ve used our day off to recoup ourselves, lube the bikes, and rethink our strategies.


  1. Cheryl Glazier
    22.05.2014 at 2:44 pm

    So proud of you boys!!! I could never do what you are doing. Proud of you and making it to ND against the never-ending winds we’ve been having!!!

  2. Nick Mahaffy
    28.05.2014 at 12:38 pm

    I haven’t been this proud to be a Delta Chi since I joined. What you guys are doing is amazing. Keep going and give those kids the chances we get as Americans. I hope you post more on this site and keep everybody updated.

    ITB Nick Mahaffy

  3. Alex
    29.05.2014 at 4:46 am

    Good luck from the Southeast Missouri State Chapter! We are all following your trip closely and are inspired by your dedication. Keep up the hard work and if you guys need any help, even from Southeast Missouri, let us know.