So after much debate, we finally got our bikes ordered! Two tandems and a single! S/O to Robb from Sioux River Bikes and Fitness for cutting us a great deal and helping to get them ordered.

It took her a little bit, but Kristin finally managed to get back to us, with some great news actually. The fundraiser that we had originally planned – an outdoor event with live bands, great food and locally-brewed beer – is possible! And so we are zip lining our check list for the event and reaching out to as many people as possible given the time frame.

It’s been an extremely exciting but a bumpy road nonetheless. The Great 48 team realizes that these next 4 weeks are going to be hell, given the amount we have to get done to make this event a success and making sure to graduate along the way! But at the same time, possibly the most rewarding.

Check out the bikes we ordered: 2 KHS milano's and the Trek 520