The City of Refuge

The orphanage is located near Comayagua, Honduras. For most of the children, this is their home, their school, and their one hope of a normal life. Because of this, they deeply value the education and the refuge they receive. This is displayed by their enthusiasm to learn both in and out of the classroom. Before the trip, the orphanage has an elementary school that educates orphans and children from the neighboring community.

UPDATE: School is Complete

We traveled almost 10,000 miles over the course of 5.5 months and raised over $60,000 along the way. Most importantly, the school was built and now provides education to children in the orphanage and the surrounding community! So many people were crucial in making this dream a reality. Many thanks to everyone that donated to our cause and especially those that gave us a platform to speak about our mission - there is absolutely no way we could have raised enough money to build the school without your help. Special thanks also to all of our amazing hosts, who provided us with so much more than just a place to stay - we had a HOME in hundreds of cities across the U.S. thanks to you. Finally, thank you to the all of our family, friends (new and old), and even the strangers we met along the road for your support and encouragement. The days of constant pedaling are no more, but the kindness we were shown along the way will be a constant inspiration for us until our final journey is through. Our hope is that we have done the same for you. You got this - happy trails!